Facet Fusions

Is A Facet Fusion Right for Me?

A facet fusion is a treatment used to relieve a patient’s chronic facet pain when more conservative approaches aren’t helping. Dr. Alexander may recommend this procedure for patients who experience:

  • Spinal instability, as a result of degenerative diseases like arthritis;
  • Spinal deformities;
  • Vertebral fractures

In a facet fusion, a small incision is made over the affected area of the spine, and a spacer is placed into the facet joint to stabilize it. This stops any nerve compression and helps ease any pain associated with it.

Find Out if a Facet Fusion is Right For Me

Am I a Candidate for Facet Fusion?

If your condition cannot be treated with more conservative methods like physical therapy or medication, you may want to talk with your specialist about a surgical option for treatment.

Most facet fusion procedures involve a short hospital stay — pain medication may be prescribed to relieve your discomfort. Strenuous physical activity is restricted for a few weeks after the procedure, and physical therapy is recommended to help restore mobility to the spine. Bone grafts can take up to a few months to completely fuse with the rest of your spine.

If you have questions about a facet fusion or would like to consult with Dr. Alexander on your spinal condition, please contact us today to set up an appointment!

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