Is a Rhizotomy Right for Me?

Rhizotomies are often performed after other kinds of treatment have not been effective. Usually facet injections are typically given to a patient before a rhizotomy is considered. These injections can provide helpful information for your doctor, and successful facet injections may indicate that you could benefit from a rhizotomy.

During the rhizotomy procedure, an electrode is passed through the skin to the nerves that surround the facet joint. A radiofrequency current is then applied, which deadens the nerves causing pain.

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Am I a Candidate for a Rhizotomy?

If you have explored conservative treatments for your spinal pain, and have used facet injections to treat your condition without relief, you might discuss a rhizotomy procedure with your doctor.

The rhizotomy procedure has been successful in relieving chronic back pain and muscle spasms in our patients at Southern Laser Spine.

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