Sacroiliac Joint Fusion

Is Stem Cell Therapy Right for Me?

Stem cell therapy is a regenerative therapy and more natural option, used to treat our patients’ back pain and spine issues. Using stem cell therapy means we are using the body’s natural healing potential to heal conditions, instead of a more artificial fix through the use of an implant.

Although stem cell therapy is a newer treatment method, research has allowed for it to become increasingly well known and trusted throughout the orthopedic space and in the medical community, especially those devoted to minimally invasive methods of treatment.

Find Out if Sacroiliac Joint Fusion is Right For Me

Am I a Candidate for Sacroiliac Joint Fusion?

If your symptoms and conditions require more than a conservative approach to treatment, your doctor may recommend a sacroiliac joint fusion.

Most spinal fusion procedures like the sacroiliac joint fusion will require two to three days in a hospital bed to ensure proper healing.

Strenuous physical activity like heavy lifting is restricted for several weeks after your procedure. Physical therapy is recommended to help recover strength and flexibility. It usually takes several months before the bone grafts completely fuse together.

All surgeries come with some kind of risk, but if you are suffering from chronic pain, weakness or numbness, and non-surgical treatments have not provided you with relief, you may want to discuss surgery with your doctor.

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